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‘We all love Shakespeare, whoever he was.’ – Sir Derek Jacobi, Patron

The de Vere Society is a registered charity promoting knowledge of the life of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, a Tudor playwright praised by Queen Elizabeth I for his ‘outstanding mind and virtue’ and hailed by King James I as ‘Great Oxford’. His contemporaries awarded the ‘highest prize’ to his works, but what has become of them? If you are interested in the proposition that de Vere’s ‘lost’ plays are those which now bear the name ‘William Shakespeare’, please join us, participate, investigate and celebrate – new members and enquirers are very welcome!  –  Alexander Waugh, Chairman


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Edward de Vere

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Shakespeare Authorship Question

“For all your Writers do consent, that ipse is he:
now you are not ipse, for I am he.”
Touchstone to William in As You Like It, V. i.

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Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies at the London Library

Shakespeare Was a Woman and Ot...

Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies (In person) at the London Library Thursday 06 Jun 2024 The idea that Shakespeare may not have written the works that bear his name is, to some, tantamount to blasphemy. His biography is sketchy, to say the least, but to question his identity has become a literary anathema.  [....


“Who seeks and will not take, when once ’tis offer’d, Shall never find it more” Antony & Cleopatra Act II scene 7. GREAT OXFORD BOX SET I-III – Limited Edition The de Vere Society is proud to announce the arrival of Great Oxford I-III, a beautiful boxed-set of three hardback volumes celebrating over twen....

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The de Vere Society always welcomes new members, whether you have been an Oxfordian for years and would like to share your enthusiasm with others, or are new to the Authorship Question and wish to discover more. You need only a love of Shakespeare’s works and an open interest in the Authorship Question to join.

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Among many benefits, as a member of the de Vere Society you will:

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  • Be better able to conduct research. We can help with your studies by commenting on your ideas, offering the opportunity to present your work at a meeting and/or publishing it in the de Vere Society newsletter. We also have a research fund for expenses incurred.
  • Be able to use our substantial de Vere Society library at Brunel University, west London.
  • Have access to de Vere Society YouTube presentations, videos and podcasts on our website (some for members only).
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