Audiobooks & Podcasts

Much Ado About the AQ

English Teachers Dr. Christian Taylor and Field Commander (ret.) Joe Payne introduce you to the Shakespeare Authorship Question.

Mark Anderson’s Shakespeare-upon-iPod

Podcasts on Mark’s book Shakespeare by Another Name.

Detective Inspector Hamlet

A talk given by Heward Wilkinson at the 2017 SOF Conference.

Hamlet as ’Twere

A talk given by Heward Wilkinson at the 2015 SOF Conference.

The Marlowe Papers

Audiobook by Ros Barber (Sceptre, 2012).

The Shakespeare Underground

The Shakespeare Underground is a podcast series that examines the works and life of William Shakespeare and explores why there has been doubt about the authorship of the plays, Sonnets, and other poems. Jennifer Newton, producer; Allan Armstrong, contributing host, director of the revels.