The Oxfordian

Annual journal published by the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship. Current editor: Gary Goldstein.

Welcome to The Oxfordian, the annual journal published during the fall by the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship. The Oxfordian is a professional publication that features papers providing in-depth coverage of issues of importance to Shakespeare scholars. The Oxfordian welcomes submission of learned essays on three interrelated topics:

  • Important literary works of the Early Modern Period in English literature
  • Shakespeare studies
  • Shakespeare authorship issues

The Oxfordian (ISSN 1521-3641) was established in 1998 by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes and she served as its editor for ten years. Dr. Michael Egan edited the journal from 2009 to 2014. Chris Pannell was the editor from 2014 to 2017. Gary Goldstein is the current editor. Several articles that first appeared in The Oxfordian have been republished, and many more have been cited with approval, in mainstream Shakespeare books and journals. The Oxfordian has been cited as “the best American academic journal covering the authorship question” by William Niederkorn, formerly of the New York Times. It has also been praised by Stratfordian scholar Stuart Hampton-Reeves for its “academic rigour” in Shakespeare Beyond Doubt (2013). Articles from the most recent volumes are password-protected and available to Members only. All articles from other issues are freely available. Members may send an email request to for the password. Note: At least one article in the most recent volume is freely available. For Institutional Subscriptions to SOF publications, contact us at:

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