Welcome to the new member-only section of the DVS website. Visit the other nine pages within this private area to explore all member-only content. All pages are available from the drop-down list on the main menu bar.

‘It was one of those cases where you approve the broad, general principle of an idea but can’t help being in a bit of a twitter at the prospect of putting it into practical effect. I explained this to Jeeves, and he said much the same thing had bothered Hamlet.’

The DVS has been engaged for many months in the necessary but complex process of upgrading its website and increasing the potential for providing timely information and involving society members more actively. As part of that process we have added this ‘member-only’ section, to which we welcome you now.

The DVS is not a secret society. We intend the main part of what we post on the website to be fully available to the public in the spirit of Hamlet’s request: ‘Report me and my cause aright / To the unsatisfied’.

The aims of the member-only section are summarized as follows:

  • To provide a method of circulating information about DVS meetings and other activities promptly to all members without repeatedly sending them emails or letters.
  • To provide the draft minutes of Annual General Meetings promptly so that all members have the benefit of knowing what the DVS has been doing during the preceding year, rather than just the minority able to attend meetings.
  • To notify members of vacancies on the Committee and explain how nominations can be made.
  • To make past newsletters (2013-2020) available to members online. Printed newsletters are sent only to members in advance of being made available online.
  • To allow members to ask questions, share ideas, research, and to comment on all matters relating to Edward de Vere, Shakespeare and the Society in a private, Members’ Forum. Within the constraints of privacy, this forum will be available for members to contact other members of the Society, providing both members give their consent.

DVS Committee August 2020

Jeeves Wooster

P. G. Wodehouse, Jeeves in the Morning (1946)