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Hemminges & Condell

Edmund Wilkinson
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This is Edmund Wilkinson (no relation, to my knowledge) from the Bronx, NY. I offer my heartfelt thanks to DVS for offering me a new focus (SAQ), awoken during these past months of semi-isolation. I am old enough to have (as a lad) absorbed the lines of questioning that led to the, shall we say, Presidency of Gerald Ford - namely: ‘Who knew what, when?’ and ‘Follow the money’.

 I have found A. Waugh’s presentations illuminating in this regard, and was further enlightened by today’s program.

I’m beginning to grasp the machinations of Jonson and the “brethren”, and quite curious to know Hemminges & Condell’s level of intimacy with both Oxford and the Stratford man. I shall - stay tuned.

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Yvonne Cheal
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Kevin Gilvary, the DVS president, could be a good person to follow up this query with you.

Amanda Hinds
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Dear Edmund

You may be interested in an article in the forthcoming DVS Newsletter by Richard Malim about the relationship between Oxford and Jonson -- who probably wrote most of the introductory poems etc in the First Folio. I'm not sure that answers your question though.