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Not without right vs No, without right (merit)

Martin Carden
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Have just discovered and finished watching this very nice piece on YouTube : (John Milnes Baker-The Case for Edward De Vere as the Real William Shakespeare). It is from September 2020 and not many viewers yet -my reason for posting here. He makes a couple of errors (says HedingTON when he means, and has written, HedingHAM he has the two Herberts' pictures interchanged at the end). However, most of it is both entertaining and enlightening though little will be new or original, as he seems prepared to admit. His style is somewhat dry (but I am not the most eloquent of speakers myself either), but overall is worth the effort.

BOTTOM LINE - He says something that WAS new (to me at least*) regarding the coat of arms application by the Stratford man: the original document has an important comma 'Non, sans droict' = NO, without merit, rather than 'not without right' it has later become. Take a look if this is news to you too (ca. 15:40-18:20 in the presentation).

* possibly this idea was raised  in Charlton Ogburn's book (that I am ashamed to admit I have not yet read).

Anyway, thought it useful to publicise this presentation to fellow members of DVS. 

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Amanda Hinds
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I remember there was a mistake that he corrected before publication and at that stage he was spelling Hedingham right. I wonder whether the mistake crept in later when someone else was supposed to be proofreading? It must be annoying for him. 

I've read about the comma but I forget where -- it can be seen quite clearly in one of the images. No, without right. Spot on.