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174T Podcast hosted by Alexander Waugh & Maudie Lowe

Alexander and Maudie talk to bright enlightened people from across the world about Shakespeare, Edward de Vere and all things Elizabethan. Who really wrote those plays? Knowing the answer may change your life.

In our second instalment of “Where there’s a Will There’s a Waugh” Maudie interviews Alexander on Edward de Vere the 17th Earl of Oxford. In this episode Alexander discusses Edward de Vere, courtier life, the scriptorium, Elizabethan theatre, the creative writing process and the real driving force behind the Shakespeare phenomenon.

In our eighth episode Alexander and Maudie are honoured to interview the greatest living Shakespearean actor to ever grace the stage, Sir Derek Jacobi. In this episode Derek talks about his upbringing, his first experience on the stage, how he performs Shakespeare, as well as his experience with stage fright and when he first doubted Shakespeare as the author of the works.

In our seventh episode Alexander and Maudie talk to librarian, historian and Shakespearean scholar Michael Quinn Dudley about his about his career, the authorship question and his fascinating book “The Shakespeare Authorship Question and Philosophy: Knowledge, Rhetoric, Identity”.

In our sixth episode Alexander and Maudie talk to renowned actor and director Richard Clifford about treading the boards, directing, seeing Edward de Vere’s Bible and of course his Oxfordian journey.

In our fifth episode Maudie talks to Alexander about the authorship question. Join us on an intriguing journey through history, as we unravel the mystery behind the Bard’s name. If you’re new to the Shakespeare authorship question, this episode is your gateway to a captivating world of literary intrigue.

For our fourth episode we speak to the very talented Elizabeth Winkler who has taken the Shakespeare authorship world by storm.  Riding on the wave that Elizabeth has created we discuss the reactions her remarkable book “Shakespeare Was a Women and Other Heresies” has received as well as her recent trip to Italy and of course her love of Gondolas!

In our third episode we are delighted to welcome Phoebe Nir to the 174T podcast. We learn about what it’s like to be an Oxfordian in the world of Tik Tok and social media, her inspirations and the Oxfordian literary parties in New York.

Welcome to our second episode of the 174T podcast, with special guest Rosemary Loughlin, DVS Trustee, lawyer, actress, playwright and passionate Oxfordian. Rosemary talks to Alexander and Maudie about her Oxfordian journey, the inspiration behind her play ‘A Rose By Any Other Name’ and her love for Edward de Vere.

Introducing the new De Vere Society podcast, 174T, with special guest Earl Showerman, President of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship, medical doctor and world expert on Shakespeare’s Greek sources. Earl talks to Alexander Waugh and Maudie about his life and work.