Brunel’s Shakespeare Authorship Week

Brunel University welcome anyone interested in Shakespeare and the Authorship Question, to attend their Authorship Week;

Shakespeare Week at Brunel University

23 – 26 April, Brunel University will host the Shakespeare Week.

  • Monday 23/4   Debate “The Bard Debate: Did Shakespeare really write the plays?” with Prof. Alan Nelson and Dr. Ros Barber.
  • Tuesday 24/4   Alexander Waugh will give a presentation “Shakespeare was a fake (…and I can prove it) 
  • Wednesday 25/4   ‘I Am Shakespeare’, presented by Sir Mark Rylance and Friends
  • Thursday 26/4   Brexit, Trump and The Bard’s legacy: do Shakespeare’s plays still matter? Brunel Professors William Leahy and Tom Betteridge discuss the question and invite the audience to participate.