POSTPONED – Meetings and Events

The DVS has regrettably had to cancel, postpone or reorganise the following events due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    (1) The Spring Meeting at Lincoln’s Inn in London on Saturday 04 April 2020 is cancelled but the DVS is currently conducting the AGM by email or post to all members, who have been asked to send their responses and/or comments by 04 April 2020. Those with reservations for the meeting and those who were taking part in the programme have been informed. Our apologies are extended to you all.

    (2) Two events to celebrate the J. T. Looney centenary will be rescheduled:

      (i) The reading of Nothing Truer Than Truth at the Water Rats on Sunday 07 June 2020 has been postponed; we hope to reschedule the event towards the end of this year.

      (ii) The Summer Meeting Weekend in Newcastle on 04-05 July 2020 has also been postponed; we hope to reorganise it in 2021.

Members will be kept informed of DVS plans on the website, in our newsletters, on Facebook and Twitter, and, if necessary, by email or post.

Please send enquiries to: or