Christmas Reading

 DVS wishes you all a Merry Christmas,
with some reading tips for the holiday season;

Henry James; The Birthplace
A witty satire on the excesses of bardolatry, the story reflects James’s skepticism about the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays. Beyond the narrow scholarly issue, the story also shows a typically imaginative Jamesian protagonist inventing an alternative reality in his lecture on the Bard’s supposed childhood activities.Morris Gedge is a librarian at a dull provincial library in England that is “all granite, fog and female fiction.” He gets a welcome offer to become the custodian of the Shakespeare house at Stratford-on-Avon.

Mark Twain; Is Shakespeare Dead?
Mark Twain offers an eloquent and entertaining analysis of this issue of authorship, peppered with personal recollections of his own first encounters with the Bard’s plays on a boat on the Mississippi.