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The Shakespeare Masterclasses

A book published in 2020 of interviews with 13 leading Shakespearian actors. Edited by Ron Destro, founding director of the             Shakespeare Oxford Company.

Although this is not an authorship question book, Ron Destro admits “There is some Oxfordian discussion in the book, since I interviewed three de Vere supporters: Sir Derek Jacobi, Michael York and Jeremy Irons. Primarily, I asked each if knowing the true identity of the author changed the playing of Shakespeare on stage, and each said it didn’t alter performance. But my strategy in doing this was to acknowledge that many of us simply take for granted that Oxford was Shakespeare.”

Book available from Amazon here.


Verus Publishing

This truly remarkable series of books will shortly be available to buy on the new DVS website: watch this space for further information.

A welcome publication to celebrate the centenary of “Shakespeare” Identified 1920–2020.

According to the website, the publisher ‘Is devoted to presenting the most prominent and beloved works of world literature … Hamlet, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet … properly ascribed to the only person who could reasonably be considered their author, Edward de Vere.’ http://www.verusbooks.com/


Red Lion Theatre (1567) discovered in London

Archæologists have unearthed The Red Lion theatre, which is believed to have been the earliest purpose-built playhouse in London and was part of a complex that included the Red Lion Inn. See The Guardian report and The Independent report.


28 May 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Alexander Waugh’s latest video:

‘Sir John Suckling Knew …’


Tom Regnier’s centenary talk

In memory of the tragic death from Covid-19 of Tom Regnier, we provide a link to his last talk at the celebration of the centenary of the publication of J. Thomas Looney’s “Shakespeare” Identified in Edward de Vere the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford in Washington DC on 04 March 2020. Please watch, learn and enjoy in remembrance of past work of this remarkable much-loved Oxfordian here.

The SOF news article announcing Tom’s video and providing links to and summarizing his other seven Youtube videos is available here.


21 May 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Alexander Waugh’s recent video:

‘Pictures that Reveal the TRUE Father of Shakespeare’s Son!’

12 May 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Alexander Waugh’s recent video:

‘Abraham Holland Knew’

18 April 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Alexander Waugh’s recent video:

‘Scandal at the Abbey!’


Tom Regnier

We are truly broken-hearted to learn of the passing (from Covid-19) of Tom Regnier, past President of the SOF, and learned lawyer who brought much erudition and rationality to the authorship debate.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Goodnight sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

See comments on DVS Facebook page here.


Shakespeare’s secret co-writer …

The Guardian article by Dalya Alberge entitled ‘Shakespeare’s secret co-writer finally takes a bow … 430 years late’ is many decades late in spreading the news. See article here.

As Alexander Waugh reminds us, ‘Professor Taylor is following in the footsteps of Oxfordian scholars. Many of us have been saying for years that Watson, as part of Oxford’s scriptorium, contributed to some of Shakespeare’s plays, as mentioned in the chapter from My Shakespeare published in the April 2018 DVS newsletter (as Oxford as ‘Shakespeare’) and reproduced on this DVS website.’

See full article here.

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“Shakespeare” Identified: Centenary Meeting in Washington DC, 04 March 2020
The video of Jim Warren’s  March 4th presentation is now online here:
Peter Farey
The De Vere Society regrets to announce the recent death of Peter Farey, a committed Marlovian. Although I never met him, we corresponded.  He had a lively mind and was always open to intelligent debate. The DVS would like to acknowledge his positive contribution to the Authorship Debate.
Kevin Gilvary,
DVS Honorary President
The DVS has regrettably had to cancel, postpone or reorganise the following events due to the coronavirus outbreak:
1. The Spring Meeting at Lincoln’s Inn in London on Saturday 04 April 2020 is cancelled but the DVS is currently conducting the AGM by email or post to all members, who have been asked to send their responses and/or comments by 04 April 2020. Those with reservations for the meeting and those who were taking part in the programme have been informed. Our apologies are extended to you all.
2. Two events to celebrate the J. T. Looney centenary will be rescheduled:
(i) The reading of Nothing Truer Than Truth at the Water Rats on Sunday 07 June 2020 has been postponed; we hope to reschedule the event towards the end of this year.
(ii) The Summer Meeting Weekend in Newcastle on 04-05 July 2020 has also been postponed; we hope to reorganise it in 2021.
Members will be kept informed of DVS plans on the website, in our newsletters, on Facebook and Twitter, and, if necessary, by email or post.
Please send enquiries to: secretary@deveresociety.co.uk or events@deveresociety.co.uk


06 Mar 2020 – SOF Looney celebration

The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship celebrated on 04 March in Washington DC the centenary of the day J. Thomas Looney published “Shakespeare” Identified in Edward de Vere the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford. Link to SOF report page here.

More celebrations are to come, organised by the DVS:

In London on Sunday 07 June at The Water Rats and in Newcastle on 04-05 July 2020, see: https://deveresociety.co.uk/public/calendar/


29 Feb 2020 – Two new views of the Upstart Crow

The first is an article published in a mainstream journal, the Journal of English Studies: ‘Tired with a Peacock’s Tail: All Eyes on the Upstart Crow’ by Peter Bull. An article strongly recommended by the DVS Chairman: “Superb, an artfully written and eminently quotable article” and available here.

The second is a new comedy at the Gielgud Theatre, London by Ben Elton, based on the TV series The Upstart Crow starring David Mitchell as William Shakespeare. If it is anything like the TV series it is hard to believe that Ben Elton doesn’t know! The play will be reviewed in the DVS Newsletter in due course.


20 Feb 2020 – News from publishing houses in the UK and USA

Two academic publishing houses have published books supporting the Oxfordian view of the Shakespeare authorship question:

·      In 2018 Palgrave Macmillan published Michael Wainwright’s book The Rational Shakespeare: Peter Ramus, Edward de Vere, and the Question of Authorship in which the game theory interpretative approach of Ramus gives further support for Oxfordians. 

·      In June 2020, Northern Illinois University Press will publish Who Wrote That?Authorship Controversies from Moses to Sholokov by Don Ostrowski, an instructor in history at Harvard University who gives in this book instructions to students for uncovering the legitimacy of authorship including the works of Shakespeare.

Bryan Wildenthal of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and First Vice-President of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship looks forward to additional publicity for his recently published Early Authorship Doubts through a link in a diatribe by a well-known Twitter troll to an abstract of his book. See abstract here.

On the other hand, Oxford University Press saw fit to turn down the New Shakespeare Allusion Book by Roger Stritmatter and Alexander Waugh on the recommendation of the report of an anonymous reader, who opined that the persistent use of the term ‘orthodox scholar’ was anti-Semitic!


24 Jan 2020 – All issues of TheElizabethan Review, published by Gary Goldstein from 1993 to 1999, are now available for free download from the SOF website.


18 Jan 2020 – Michael Dudley’s TEDx talk ‘Liberating Shakespeare’ is now available here.

An extremely clear 20-minute exposition of the case for Oxfordianism. Recounts Michael’s personal journey of discovery regarding the mysterious poet-playwright’s problematic biography, and its marginalization in the academy. 


19 Jan 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Alexander Waugh’s latest video:

‘William Basse Knew …’ or ‘The Freemasons Who Knew Where Shakespeare Was Really Buried’ (Part II)

14 Jan 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Part I of Alexander Waugh’s latest video:

‘The Freemasons Who Knew Where Shakespeare Was Really Buried’ (Part I)


01 Jan 2020 – Reconstructing the Rose

Reconstructing the Rose by Roger Clegg is an e-book and 3-D computer modelling of Philip Henslowe’s playhouse, produced in conjunction with De Montfort University, Leicester. The open-access work employs cutting edge developments in fly-through architectural modelling to offer an utterly new and immersive experience of a key site in the history of English theatre.

Visit the e-book here or jump directly to the 3-D fly-through here. Read a review by The Society for Theatre Research here.


2020 – Centenary of J. Thomas Looney’s groundbreaking book

In March 1920 a quiet schoolmaster called J. Thomas Looney published a seminal study entitled Shakespeare” Identified in Edward de Vere the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford.

To mark the centenary:

  • The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship is planning a major national event on 04 March 2020, the exact 100th anniversary of the publication of Looney’s work, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to celebrate and promote this historic event. For further details click here.
  • Darrol Blake plans a reading/semi-staged performance of his play Nothing Truer Than Truth at the Water Rats public house and theatre on Gray’s Inn Road, London on the afternoon of Sunday 07 June 2020, under the auspices of the DVS as part of its Centenary Celebration of J. T. Looney’s seminal work.
  • The DVS is holding a weekend summer meeting at the Library of the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle:

Shakespeare” Identified at the Lit. & Phil. Library
Saturday 04 to Sunday 05 July 2020


Details of DVS meetings are included in the January 2020 DVS Newsletter. For more information, contact: events@deveresociety.co.uk