Oxfordian News

18 Jan 2020 – Michael Dudley’s TEDx talk ‘Liberating Shakespeare’ is now available here.

An extremely clear 20-minute exposition of the case for Oxfordianism. Recounts Michael’s personal journey of discovery regarding the mysterious poet-playwright’s problematic biography, and its marginalization in the academy. 


14 Jan 2020 – Click on DVS Videos tab in the menu bar to view Alexander Waugh’s latest video:

‘The Freemasons Who Knew Where Shakespeare Was Really Buried’


01 Jan 2020 – Reconstructing the Rose

Reconstructing the Rose by Roger Clegg is an e-book and 3-D computer modelling of Philip Henslowe’s playhouse, produced in conjunction with De Montfort University, Leicester. The open-access work employs cutting edge developments in fly-through architectural modelling to offer an utterly new and immersive experience of a key site in the history of English theatre.

Visit the e-book here or jump directly to the 3-D fly-through here. Read a review by The Society for Theatre Research here.


2020 – Centenary of J. Thomas Looney’s groundbreaking book

In March 1920 a quiet schoolmaster called J. Thomas Looney published a seminal study entitled Shakespeare” Identified in Edward de Vere the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford.

To mark the centenary:

  • The Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship is planning a major national event on 04 March 2020, the exact 100th anniversary of the publication of Looney’s work, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to celebrate and promote this historic event. For further details click here.
  • Darrol Blake plans a reading/semi-staged performance of his play Nothing Truer Than Truth at the Water Rats public house and theatre on Gray’s Inn Road, London on the afternoon of Sunday 07 June 2020, under the auspices of the DVS as part of its Centenary Celebration of J. T. Looney’s seminal work.
  • The DVS is holding a weekend summer meeting at the Library of the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle:

    Shakespeare” Identified at the Lit. & Phil. Library
    Saturday 04 to Sunday 05 July 2020


Details of DVS meetings are included in the January 2020 DVS Newsletter. For more information, contact: events@deveresociety.co.uk