Privacy Statement


General Data Protection Regulation 25 May 2018

The De Vere Society is committed to protecting your data in accordance with our legal obligations.

We hold data in respect of all our members including names, addresses, and date and amount of most recent subscription. We hold email addresses of the majority of our members. We hold telephone numbers in respect of a minority of our members. We hold email addresses of a small number of supporters who are not members.

All the information we hold has come from members and supporters themselves. We, therefore, assume that each member and supporter is happy for us to hold this information.

  • We will respond within 14 days to any request by a member or supporter to know what information we hold in respect of them.
  • Any member may ensure the withdrawal or alteration of the data held on him/her at any time upon request.
  • This information will be available to Committee members of DVS.
  • Names and addresses only will be shared with our Printers for the time being (presently DigitalPrint FX, Segensworth) for the purpose of circulating our Newsletters. This will be on the contractual condition that they do not share the information with any other person or body.
  • Data will not be shared with any other person or body without giving 21 days’ notice to members giving them the opportunity to request that all or specified information on them be withheld.

Our Data Protection Officer, Amanda Hinds, is responsible for the administration of this policy. DVS shall comply with the Principles in the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We shall not keep any special categories of personal data of our members. We shall store members’ data securely.

Written 21 May 2018 | Agreed by the Committee 12 September 2018