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The De Vere Society is dedicated to researching, exploring, explaining and revealing how the works of Shakespeare were principally written by the poet, patron and scholar Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (1550-1604). We organise trips, tours, theatre visits, lectures and forums; we publish articles and books; we support researchers; and we welcome everyone to membership who appreciates the works of Shakespeare and who is intrigued by the Shakespeare Authorship Question. The Society:

  • Has demonstrated that the case for William Shakspere of Stratford as the author of the Shakespeare canon is very weak;
  • Has shown that the traditional chronology for the works of Shakespeare is strongly conjectural;
  • Has explored the role of Edward de Vere,17th Earl of Oxford, not only as author of the Shakespeare canon but as leader of the movement to establish drama in early modern England.

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The De Vere Society is a registered charity no. 297855

The DVS Constitution is available from: secretary@deveresociety.co.uk

Honorary Secretary:   Amanda Hinds

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